About OcaIDE

OcaIDE is an OCaml plug-in for Eclipse.

It is distributed under the CeCILL-B Open Source licence.

Its name is a contraction of Ocaml and IDE.

It has the following features:


For any questions or remarks concerning OcaIDE, you can use the forum.


2006/2007: Nicolas Bros, Rafael Cerioli


This project was developed by Nicolas Bros and Rafael Cerioli in 2006-2007, as a semester project in a Master of Computer Science at the University of Paris VI: Pierre et Marie Curie, and it was supervised by Emmanuel Chailloux. It was then continued by Nicolas Bros as a summer job for five weeks. This project is inspired by previous attempts of the same kind before 2006 (by Guillaume Curat, Leonard Dallot, Alexandre Deckner, Nicolas Deckner, Sylvain Le Ligné, Alexandre Serra and Guillaume Viel).