ZAMCOV: a non-intrusive coverage tool for OCaml, with MC/DC measurement

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Documentation (draft)

How to build the tools

For version 1.0:

tar xzf zamcov-1.0.tar.gz
cd zamcov-1.0
edit # if default options don't suit you
# sudo make install # this depends on where you install zamcov

Three binaries are generated:

  • zamcov-compile is a modified version of ocamlc compiler, which is able to generate additional information on the link between the binary and the source code.
  • zamcov-cover is a coverage report generator.
  • zamcov-run is an implementation of the OCaml Virtual Machine which is able to generate execution traces for report generation.

How to use the tools

Here is an example with

./zamcov-compile -o test.exe
./zamcov-run -mcdc test.mcdc -trace test.trace test.exe
./zamcov-cover -mcdc test.mcdc -trace test.trace test.exe
open ./coverage_report/index.html

Tools usage tips


ZAMCOV has been developed using Mac OS X (lately, OS X Lion) and Gnu/Linux. It should work on most platforms which support a “normal OCaml” distribution.

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