ZAMCOV: a non-intrusive coverage tool for OCaml, with MC/DC measurement

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ZAMCOV is a set of tools that allow to generate MC/DC measurement for OCaml programs. The main particularity of ZAMCOV is the non-intrusive aspect. This means that ZAMCOV doesn't rewrite the program to generate traces, as opposed to more classical tools such as MLcov or Bisect. Instead, ZAMCOV uses a modified OCaml virtual machine (also called ZAM or ZAM2) to generate traces, which are then analyzed to produce a coverage report.

ZAMCOV generates uses HTML/CSS to format the coverage reports, which consist in the source code annotated with coverage information, including MC/DC measurement.


MC/DC measurement is widely used in critical software testing. It's a “compromise” between full conditions coverage (2N tests for a decision composed with N conditions) and minimal conditions coverage (2 tests for any decision), by demanding N+1 tests.

Projet Couverture

Couverture” is a project which addresses non-intrusive code coverage measurement and provides free open-source software for this purpose.

ZAMCOV is part of “Couverture”. There are other parts in project “Couverture”, which use QEMU virtual machine and ADA language.


Members and participation periods

  • Emmanuel Chailloux (2008-present)
  • Philippe Wang (2008-present)
  • Adrien Jonquet (2008-2010)
  • Mathias Bourgoin (2009)
  • Alexis Darrasse (2009-present)


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