ZAMCOV: a non-intrusive coverage tool for OCaml, with MC/DC measurement

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Latest versions

    • this is an alpha version with a new semantics for MC/DC applied to OCaml.
    • it should be stable in the sense that it shouldn't crash, but it still has a few known bugs.
    • md5sum : 16dc3358d1490624b2e7a8e8ff8612bf
    • Last changes:
      • (fix) dynamic measurement
        • some traces were wrong, they have been removed
      • (fix) post-execution condition coverage measurement
        • condition measurement criteria doesn't depend on MC/DC anymore
      • (improvement) html/css report generation
      • (fixes) misc small fixes
    • Known issues:
      • (bug) tail-calls may consume a lot of memory (will be fixed in the next release)

Previous versions

Free Open-Source Software License

ZAMCOV is a free open-source software, under CeCILL-B free software license agreement (it's a BSD-like license).

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